TRANSLIFE platform


TRANSLIFE is a technological research platform hosted by the CNRS 7253 Heudiasyc UMR. It is located at the Centre d’Innovation of UTC in Compiègne.

This platform is co-funded under the Fonds européen de développement économique et régional (FEDER) 2014/2020 by the Hauts-de-France region and the European Union.

This platform is what is called a CAVE (Cave Automated Virtual Environment) which is a cubic immersive virtual environment where projectors project images on walls and / or on the ground.

Our platform has a mobile wall to pass from a closed U-configuration to an open L-configuration.

The main focus of this platform is informed virtual environments and in particular :

  • Adaptive feedback in virtual environments based on the Enaction theory,
  • Decision modeling for informed interaction.