TRANSLIFE platform


TRANSLIFE is a technological research platform hosted by the CNRS 7253 Heudiasyc UMR. It is located at the Centre d’Innovation of UTC in Compiègne.

This platform is co-funded under the Fonds européen de développement économique et régional (FEDER) 2014/2020 by the Hauts-de-France region and the European Union.

This platform is what is called a CAVE (Cave Automated Virtual Environment) which is a cubic immersive virtual environment where projectors project images on walls and / or on the ground.

Our platform has a mobile wall to pass from a closed U-configuration to an open L-configuration.

The platform is composed of 3 glass screens of 3.4 m by 2.5 m and a reflective painted floor of 7 m by 3.4 m. 4 stereoscopic 3D projectors of resolution 1920x1200 pixels coupled to two graphics cards Nvidia M6000 in one PC allow the rendering.

Finally we have a motion tracking system composed of 10 infrared Optitrack cameras that detect the position of an object in space with constellations composed of reflective spheres.

For more details, see the dedicated page : Technical Description