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DEMO Gesture training in the CAVE (immersive virtual environment)

The KIVA project aims to create a new training environment for technical gesture through virtual reality.

Virtual environments provide a safe environment for training before real practice. Gesture training, especially technical gestures, requires the presence of a supervisor to point out the mistakes made by trainees. However, VR makes it possible to reduce this presence by using augmented feedback of different modalities (visual, auditory or haptic) as training or learning assistance.

Augmented feedback has been shown to improve interaction in virtual environments and to facilitate motor learning. Recent studies proposed this type of feedback to guide users, to highlight specific areas or to help them to perform a specific task. They can follow a path, pass through specific waypoints or even mimic an avatar. However these approaches do not show the gap between learners’ performance and the desired one. Our hypothesis is that by revealing this gap to the users, they will reduce it step by step and tend to the required performance. Thus, in this demo, we propose a new visual metaphor named EBAGG, to guide trainees’ gestures by showing trajectory errors instead of showing the path to follow. First results indicate that our approach allows an enhanced task performance.

The ALPAGA and ANGORA modules were developed for this project

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